Meliti Cup Beach Handball, ISSOS  CORFU

Meliticup 2010 Beach handball
Issos Corfu Hellas- 25-26 &27 June



What is Beach handball

Beach Handball is the outdoor version of the Olympic team sport. The rules  are slightly different to indoor team handball. Played four against four, the game is played with a rubber ball, on a smaller sand court with extra points on offer for spectacular goals.
How To Play

The game begins with a referee throw. After every goal that is scored, the game continues with a goalkeeper throw. During play, the goalkeeper is allowed to play in the playing area along with the rest of the team. Running more than three steps with the ball and double dribbling are illegal.

• A normal goal - 1 point
• A spectacular goal - 2 points
• A goal scored by the goalkeeper - 2 points
• Goal scored from a penalty - 2 points

The winner of each half is awarded one point.  If the score is even at the end of a half, the "golden goal" method is applied.  If the same team wins both halves, the team wins with the score 2-0. If each team wins a half, the result is a tie.  A match is played with one player against the goalkeeper.

Beach Rules short version.pdf
Beach Rules Full version.pdf

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