Meliti Cup Beach Handball, ISSOS  CORFU

Meliticup 2010 Beach handball
Issos Corfu Hellas- 25-26 &27 June



Προκήρυξη Τουρνουά

Criterias for organizers
Criterias for organizers
Starting date: 18.07.2008 Meliti Cup 08
End date: 20.07.2008
At the wondreful beach of Issos, 29 k/m from the city of Corfu,we organize for the second time an ebt for men and women, plus young children tournament. 2 fields will be ready and price money will be 500 for 1st w plus 500 for 1st m team.
Tournament criterias
Criteria     Points
Price Money   € 1000 5
N° of Playing days?   3 3
N° of foreign teams?   0 0
N° of Playing courts?   2 2
Youth tournaments?   Yes 4
Stands for min. 500 spectators?   No 0
2 referees per match?   Yes 5
2 scoreboards per court?   Yes 5
Electronic time keeping (at least for 1 court)?   No 0
Artificial light, matches at night time?   No 0
Electronic loud speakers?   Yes 5
2 Internet accesses for the competitors (free)?   Yes 5
Disco in the evening?   Yes 5
Men & Women tournament at same time?   Yes 5
Playing according to IHF Rules
of the Game for Beach Handball?
  Yes 5
Water and one meal per day for players (free)?   Yes 5
TV transmission?   Yes 20
EHF referees are nominated?   Yes 5
EHF delegates are nominated?   No 0
Internet live-streaming   Yes 10
DVD-Post competition production (to be submitted to EHF within 2 weeks after the end of the tournament)   Yes 5
Total Points     94

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